Weekday Education Center . . .

Our Motto:

"Serving the Smallest Members of God’s Kingdom"

We strive to provide a safe, secure Christian environment where preschool or grade-school children grow, learn and play while parents are working. We provide an atmosphere where activities offer a challenge to your child's mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.

HWEC provides your preschool-age child a quality Christian childcare that continuously teaches in all areas of child-development. From six weeks to five years old, students will be involved in age-appropriate activities tailored to meet their developmental needs in the following areas: building self-awareness, developing a relationship to God and others, increasing language and listening skills, math, science, music, dramatic play, art, and gross motor development.

HWEC provides your school-age child a quality Christian childcare that teaches to the whole child. From 5 to 12 years old, students have a variety of age-appropriate activities to assist in their overall development. Afternoon snacks offer time to socialize, homework assistance enables your child to work independently or with adult supervision, outside time provides for gross motor movement and quiet time/games/ centers allow your child to be actively engaged in free choice options. HWEC offers full day care when local schools are closed and also offers a full day summer program during the months of June, July and August. Field trips, onsite events and a weekly theme add to the summer fun.

Contact Us

If you would like further information about our preschool or school age programs, please contact the HWEC at 434-392-1956 or E-mail: HWEC

Our Schedule:

We are open from 7:15 am to 5:45 pm Monday through Friday.

Holiday Closings: Good Friday, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We are closed Christmas Eve through New Years Day.

Staff Development Closing: Presidents' Day and a Friday in August (TBA)

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Our Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Heritage Weekday Education Center (HWEC), a non-profit weekday ministry, is to assist Heritage Baptist Church in accomplishing its goal of providing our community with the highest quality care including educational, moral, and spiritual development, as well as family ministry for each child enrolled. We strive to provide opportunities for the children to grow spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially through a developmentally age-appropriate curriculum. HWEC utilizes Wee Learn and the ABeka Curriculum.

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Our Program:

HWEC is now enrolling all ages. Space is limited.

In our preschool classes, we teach in "center" style teaching. These centers include: art, blocks, home-living, puzzles, books and nature. We are actively exploring these centers daily according to our themed curriculum and week.

Our small class ratio provides hours of personalized instruction, nurturing environment and excellent care.

Our age-appropriate curriculum encourages children as they develop socially, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

Children experience “Specials” weekly Music, Story-Telling, Chapel, and Jumpin' Jacks (PE).

Our facilities allow us to provide a variety of learning experiences outside the classroom--bike days in the parking lot, soccer and t-ball in our fields, and nature trails abound.

Your child can be moving, learning, playing and exploring with us daily…to find out more about registration, (434)392-1956 or via e-mail: HWEC

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Our Staff:

HWEC is a Christian-based childcare facility staffed by teachers that are dedicated to seeing your child grow to his/ her full potential. Our goals are to provide developmentally and age-appropriate activities while instilling Bible knowledge, building self-esteem and making each child aware of how special they are to God.

All staff are required to complete 16 hours of continuing education in the field of early childhood each year of employment.

A criminal history check, Child Protective Service check, and mandatory well-health check are made on each applicant prior to working at HWEC.

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Our Classes:

CUDDLEBUGS – Infants -
As young as 6 weeks

Tumblebugs-Crawlers and early Walkers

The Cuddlebugs and Tumblebugs are a rapidly growing group. The staff provide a loving and safe environment to meet the emotional, physical and developmental needs of infants. The activities and environment will help form positive attachments and increase their social and developmental skills. We, as caregivers, strive to provide a stimulating environment that will develop a sense of trust, security, dependability and most importantly, positive self-esteem.

LADYBUGS – Toddlers -
12 months before Sept. 30 of year

The Ladybugs are a busy group. Providing activities with many choices and levels of proficiency is essential to enhancing each child's developmental progress. Such experiences are created daily to immerse the children in situations where they can explore their senses, work on language and cognitive skills, develop socially and emotionally, practice self-help skills, exercise their gross motor development, and experiment with art activities. Many of these activities will help develop their fine motor skills as well as their creative expression.

HONEYBEES – Younger Preschoolers -
2 years old before Sept. 30 of year

The Honeybee classroom is built around the “Wee Learn” curriculum to teach children in the most enjoyable way about God's word. The children are able to learn the basic fundamentals of preschool education by their classroom work of play. The Honeybees see the world with their hands and learn the importance of loving one other as God loves each of them.  Using their words, remembering their manners and being a good friend are part of the social growth for this age group.

CATERPILLARS – Preschoolers -
Three by Sept. 30 of year

The Caterpillar class learns the concepts of different skills including socialization, fine and gross motor skills, math and science, language arts, music, and art. God's words from the Bible come alive through the “Wee Learn” curriculum. “Academics” are introduced through the nationally acclaimed ABeka Curriculum.  Each child hears Bible verses and stories, recognizes colors and shapes, and is introduced to the alphabet. They also practice independence and self-help skills to enhance their social, physical, intellectual and emotional development.

FIREFLIES – Preschoolers -
Four by Sept. 30 of year

The Fireflies are a kindergarten readiness class who learn from the ABeka curriculum. The themes in the curriculum are designed to help lay a foundation for understanding God, Jesus, the Bible, self, family, others and the natural world around them. Alphabet recognition, writing their name, rote counting, number values, basic sight words, following multi-step directions and sharing an event with friends are all part of the kindergarten readiness experiences in this class.

GRASSHOPPERS – Before/After Schoolers -

The Grasshopper class is made up of our school age children. This class provides an after-school program and a summer program. Our after-school program provides a healthy snack, homework time and a time for indoor and outdoor play.

This class also works on developing helpful skills and the Christian values of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and courage. They will use these traits for years to come. The Grasshoppers explore their world through the Bible, mission projects, and play.

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